Dr. Johnny Hon’s Global Group Honoured to receive the Most Outstanding Enterprise Award 2018

Dr. Johnny Hon’s Global Group Honoured to receive the Most Outstanding Enterprise Award 2018

ByGlobal 22 Mar 2018

[16th March 2018] (HONG KONG) – Venture capitalist and Founder and Executive Chairman of the Global Group Dr. Johnny Hon MH accepted the Most Outstanding Enterprise award trophy yesterday at the 2018 CORPHUB Awards in Hong Kong. Organised by Insight Media Group Limited, the CORPHUB Awards aim to showcase and recognise enterprises that are on the rise and to highlight how they got to where they are by celebrating the efforts and achievements of corporations in different disciplines. Enterprises are judged and chosen by professional industry leaders, various members of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and editorial professionals.

In just over twenty years, Dr. Johnny Hon has built up the Global Group of Companies, an international conglomerate, with diverse interests ranging over banking, biotechnology, education, entertainment and leisure, financial services, financial technology, gaming, media, mining, oil and gas, property development and sports. Dr. Hon’s Global Group topped the investment management category for its exceptional performance, competitiveness and contribution. Active around the world, the Global Group supports innovative enterprises and start-ups, generates premium returns for investors, and also promotes the arts and Chinese culture. It reflects Dr. Hon’s personal investment philosophy with an emphasis on creativity, entrepreneurialism and in-depth local knowledge.

Known worldwide as both an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dr. Hon maintains a particular focus on bringing investors from China and the west together to empower young business innovators and facilitate economic development and greater cultural understanding. He is also a dedicated patron of the arts, contributing to high-profile film and musical productions in China, the UK and the USA, and an active donor to scholarships and education funds.

The award was presented by Ms. Jayne Chan, Head of StartmeupHK, Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK), who is well-known to the city’s startup community. Dr. Johnny Hon commented: “It is a great honour to receive this prestigious award from Jayne who, together with her team at InvestHK, has supported countless startups and entrepreneurs from overseas to set up and expand their business in Hong Kong. Recognition from one’s peers is among the most rewarding and satisfying. I am proud to accept it on behalf of all my colleagues, the company and its devoted staff. I would like to think that we have been recognised not only for our business acumen and success, but also for our endeavours in corporate social responsibility and philanthropy, as these are equally important to me.”